HydroShield Advantages


Protect Your Investment

If your glass, ceramic tile, porcelain or granite has lost its luster, you are seeing corrosion from hard water and other environmental elements.



 Reduce Maintenance Time and Cost

 HydroShield saves you time and money by reducing maintenace time up to 75% while eliminating the need to use harsh and expensive cleaners. 




By eliminating the need to use harsh, toxic and caustic cleaners HydroShield creates a more eco-friendly environment.  These chemical are not only dangerous for your health but are also poured back into our water supply.



HydroShield offers a full warranty on all applications.  We individually number and track every application that we complete.  This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your home will continue to look new for years to come.  While some manufacturers offer “limited warranties” and make outrageous claims, HydroShield has remained the only company to still offer a comprehensive full warranty without limits.


Multi-Surface Protection

 HydroShield is a one-stop shop for all of your surface protection needs.  Property owners, both residential and commercial as well as construction professionals, architects and property managers choose HydroShield to preserve and protect costly investments in glass, tile, porcelain and natural stone surfaces.  These may include: Shower Doors, Granite Countertops, Windows, Natural Stone, Skylights, Sun Rooms, Mirrors, Tile, Porcelain, Solariums, Glass Block, Art Glass (Sand Blasted)

These Surfaces are porous and are some of the most universally used products in construction- and these surfaces are the most abused.

Corrosion from elements such as sprinklers, rain, acidic compounds, household cleaners and many substances used in construction can damage these surfaces by seeping into the surfaces microscopic pits. Eventually, the damage becomes irreparable, unless you use preventative and protective care provided by HydroShield.

HydroShield guarantees protection for 3-5 years, though with proper maintenance, it lasts much longer.