• 3 Year Warranty



HydroShield for Stone ™ is scientifically formulated to protect all types of natural stone. Our innovative dual protection provides peace of mind, preventing staining and damage.


HydroShield for Stone™ is a break-through protection that transforms all types of stone into stain-resistant surfaces. Our innovative dual-layer protection
creates a barrier to protect the stone at two levels.  The first part of our protection penetrates deep into the surface.  This protects the stone from the inside out,
by saturating and filling up the microscopic voids inside the stone and not allowing contaminants to enter.   The second part of our protection aligns to protect the stone surface.  By incorporating an advanced fluoropolymer that aligns at the surface-to-air interface, HydroShield for Stone™ creates superior stain resistance and durability and eliminates the need for annual re-applications. Our one-of-a-kind dual protection creates long-lasting durability, that stands the test of time, providing peace of mind with a single application.



Each HydroShield application is completed by a certified and trained HydroShield technician. This ensures proper protection, guaranteeing our customers’ long-lasting durability.  Historically, stone sealants have been a one-size-fits-all approach. Our philosophy is different. As the stone protection experts, we know that every stone we encounter is unique.  Based upon stone porosity and stone finish, we will never mark a job as complete until the stone is fully protected. Every application is backed by the HydroShield “True Warranty” program.

HydroShield for Stone™ Advantages:

  • Outlasts and outperforms all other sealants on the market.
  • Offers multiple finish options such as natural look or color enhancement.
  • Non-Fading color enhancement.
  • Repels both oil and water based stains.
  • Reduces maintenance time.
  • Prevents surface degradation.
  • Eliminates replacement costs.
  • 3-year warranty.



HydroShield for Stone™ provides superior protection against staining and helps to reduce etching.  The HydroShield Stone Protection Warranty does not cover etching.