HydroShield for Grout™


HydroShield for Grout™ is formulated to protect most types of grout. Our innovative protection provides peace of mind, and prevents staining, damage, mold, and mildew. 


HydroShield for Grout Clear Seal™ transforms grout into a stain-resistant surface.  Our innovative dual-layer protection creates a barrier to protect the grout at two levels.  The first part of our protection penetrates deep into the surface.  This protects the grout from the inside out, by saturating and filling up the microscopic voids inside the grout and not allowing contaminants to enter.   The second part of our protection aligns to protect the grout surface.  By incorporating an advanced fluoropolymer that aligns at the surface-to-air interface, HydroShield for Grout Clear Seal™ creates superior stain resistance and durability, comes with a three-year warranty, and eliminates the need for annual r-applications.


HydroShield for Grout Color Seal™ transforms grout into a stain, mold, and mildew resistant surface. A water base formula containing urethane and hardening agents, our color seal bonds to grout, completely eliminating any pores. By creating an airtight, watertight bond to the grout surface, grout becomes completely waterproof and stain resistant.  By incorporating active mildicides, HydroShield for Grout Color Seal™ ensures long-lasting protection and peace of mind. This product can be color matched to any grout manufacturer’s color chart and comes with a warranty up to twelve years.


Each HydroShield application is completed by a certified and trained HydroShield technician. This ensures proper protection, guaranteeing our customers long-lasting durability.   Carefully analyzing every type of grout porosity, we will never mark a job as complete until it is fully protected. Every application is backed by the HydroShield “True Warranty” program.